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(2) Dummy cartridges must not be used except on the firing line of the pistol range. The same precautions are observed as in using service ammunition. c. Slow Fire.-(1) The coach stands on the left side of the firer in such a position as to be able to observe the latter’s trigger finger, his grip, his eye, and his position. It is the duty of the coach to correct all errors. The coach fills the magazines for the firer and hands them to him. At the beginning of range practice the magazines should be filled partly with service ammunition and partly with dummy cartridges. The firer must not know how many dummy cartridges are in the magazine or the order in which they are packed. (2) The object of placing dummy cartridges in the mag- azine is to show the coach whether or not the man under instruction Is squeezing the trigger correctly, and in case of an improper trigger squeeze to bring the fact forcibly to the attention of the firer himself. When a loaded cartridge is fired the flinch is often masked by the recoil of the pistol and the firer is not conscious of having flinched. When the hammer falls on a dummy cartridge which the firer thinks is loaded, the sudden stiffening of the muscles and the thrusting forward of the hand to meet the shock that does not come are apparent to everybody in the vicinity, including the firer himself. The mixing of dummy cartridges with service ammunition causes the man to make a determined effort to press the trigger properly for all shots. (3) The firing of scores with dummy cartridges and serv- ice ammunition should not be confined to the early stages of training. It is advisable to have some practice of this kind each day during the entire period of instruction prac- tice. Many expert pistol shots use this form of practice in training for competitions. (4) The following items of instruction are given to a pupil on beginning range practice, even though that person has already done a great deal of shooting. Once a person has been put through this instruction it is usually not neces- sary to repeat it during subsequent periods of range practice. (a) Explain the method of grasping the piece.

M1911 Manual - Page 59
M1911 Manual - Page 59

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