Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder Holster

Galco Jackass Shoulder Holster
Galco Jackass Shoulder Holster

By Hal Gerhardt

I have way too many holsters in my closet, some of them shoulder holsters. All of these holsters are meant to carry my ‘handgun dujour’. I have liked the idea of shoulder holsters for many years, but with the exception of the old upside down revolver rigs could not find one that was comfortable.

During the latter part of 1999 Galco ran a sale price of $99 in reintroducing their ‘Jackass Rig’. This was the predecessor of the ‘Miami Classic’ and was the rig first used on the TV show Miami Vice. I have finally found a comfortable shoulder rig! I bought the one for the 1911 of course and I use it to carry my Kimber Pro Elite. I even found a used left hand Galco holster that will fit in place of the ammo carrier and can carry my Kimber Ultra Elite as a second gun when I feel the urge. Of course a shoulder holster can only be used under certain types of covering garments such as roomy jackets. This shoulder rig conceals well and is comfortable for wear all day. Being from Galco, of course the workmanship is top drawer. I would certainly recommend this rig even though its price is now in the $120 range. It is worth the Bucks!

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