The Police Marksman Reviews MIL-COMM MC-25 Cleaner/Degreaser

By Tony Lesce

Concern for the environment and eliminating toxic chemicals have made changes in the firearms industry, leading to the introduction of lead-free ammunition and non-toxic gun cleaning compounds. One recent innovation is Mil-Comm MC-25, designed to clean firearms without polluting the environment, creating a fire hazard, or producing noxious fumes. Mil-Comm recently sent a bottle of MC-25 to The Police Marksman for testing and evaluation.


MC-25 comes in a convenient four ounce pump spray plastic’ bottle. The solution is a clear sudsy water-based liquid, with a barely-discernible odor, somewhat like detergent. The instructions say to spray it directly on gun parts, or to saturate a soft cloth and wipe down the parts with it. Instructions also state to apply a protective lubricant, such as TW25B after cleaning.


Testing involved cleaning several firearms. The first was a 9mm HS-2000 auto pistol. Field stripping allowed access to the barrel slide rails, frame rails, ramp, and other parts. The pistol had gone several hundred rounds without cleaning, and had a coat of powder fouling inside.

Using a conventional cleaning rod and soft cotton patches, it was possible to clean the barrel with minimal effort. Spraying the MC-25 directly on the frame and slide rails allowed getting the deposits off with Q-tips. Mil-Comm claims that the product is safe for plastics and other composite materials, and after cleaning, there was no evidence of damage to the pistol’s polymer frame.

Testing on several other firearms, such as a Glock Model 22, Ruger Mini-14, and SIG P229 produced similar results consistently. MC-25 did not damage the finishes of wooden stocks or plastic parts.

It’s important to note that MC-25 is water-based, unlike other types of firearms cleaners, using petroleum products. This makes it non-flammable, but also does not leave a protective film on the bare metal. This is why the instructions state to apply TW-25B or other lubricant after cleaning. Naturally, this is especially important in humid climates. TW-25B is a very good choice because this Teflon-based lubricant, previously tested in The Police Marksman, is one of the best lubricants available.

MC-25 is easy to use, effective and safe. There were no toxic or noxious fumes, which make it especially valuable for indoor use. Law enforcement firearms instructors operating indoor ranges will find MC-25 valuable. Finally, the lack of powerful petroleum-based solvents greatly lessens the likelihood of skin irritation.

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Used by Permission, The Police Marksman, VOL. XXVII, NO. 2, March/April 2002

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