Hellweg K Series Holster

By Bill Boyer

About a month ago I got a holster that is very differant from my normal IWB rig. I got a Hellweg “K” series plastic holster ($69). They can be seen at www.hellwegltd.com/

Hellweg makes four models in the K series with the “KSTC” being the one I got. It got picked because it looked the most usefull for carry as well as being IDPA legal. These holsters are avalible for Glocks and 1911s only (and only for right hand use I should add) and are of the belt slide type with an adjustable plate on the back. The other back plate, the “TBP”, holds the gun a little father out from the body and a bit higher then the “KSTC” does. The extra back plate can be had for $10 in case you want to use the holster for match or tactical use.

My experiance so far has been very good. The first thing I noticed when I started playing with the K was the speed of draw. Only my IPSC race holster is faster! The second thing I noticed was the amount of adjustment that can be had. There is some thing like two inches of vertical movment on the back plate along with the fact that the holster can be rotated around the adjuster screw. This lets the holster to be set at what ever angle and height the useer wants. I have even used it in a cross draw mode for driving! The adjustment for tension is just as wide. The holster can be adjusted from way to tight to sloppy, so the user can get just the amount of tension that is desired.

For all day use with a 5″ Kimber, I found the K to be as comfortable as any belt mounted holster I have tried. There was no noise from the holster when walking or moving and there was no required breakin needed like a good leather holster needs. One other thing I like is that the shape of the holster also allows you to get a compleat firing grip when doing the draw. The only thing I am not pleased with is the fact that the gun is held a lot farther from the body then a IWB or most belt mount holsters I have tried. The result is that it takes a heavier cover shirt or jacket to blend the shape of the gun in to your shape. So over all I am pleased with the Hellweg “K”.

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