Accurate Arms’ Video Collection – The famous “Abdulla and the T-Rex” video and others.

Dillon Precision – My favorite reloading presses

Headstamp and Cartridge ID Page – This is a unique site which provides excellent help in identifying brass and cartridges.

Hogdon’s Basic Reloading Manual

Midway USA – Supplies

M.D. Smiths’s Reloading Page – One of the original reloading sites on the web. Smith’s loads are hot.

Natchez Supply – Reloading, Ammo, accessories

National Bullet Company – The place I buy my bullets. They have great prices and service.

Reload Bench – Resources on reloading. Filled with data and info on every aspect of reloading for pistol and rifle cartridges, Reloading Bulletin Board, online conversion calculators, reload guide, glossary and info on over 60 different powders.

Reloader’s Nest – A resource for all handloaders seeking the ultimate load. Browse trough thousands of loads, even in the oddest and rarest caliber.

Rich’s Firearms Page Reloading Links

Widener’s – Full line of reloading supplies, equipment, and loaded ammo

Winchester – Get their electronic reloader’s guide

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