M1911 Manual – Page 23

to handle. However, care must be observed to keep the

boxes from becoming broken or damaged. All broken boxes

must be immediately repaired and careful attention given

so that all markings are transferred to the new parts of the

box. The metal liner should be air-tested and sealed if

equipment for this work is available.

GILDING METAL RA FSD 427 1275 MAX FIGURE 4.—Cartridge, ball, cal..45, M1911.
b. Ammunition boxes should not be opened until the am-

munition is required for use. Ammunition removed from

the airtight container, particularly in damp climates, is apt

to corrode, thereby causing the ammunition to become un-


CARTRIDGE CASE TINNED GILDING METAL t275 MAX. RA FSD 428 FIGURE 5.—Cartridge, dummy, cal..45, M1921.
c. Carefully protect the ammunition from mud, sand, dirt,

and water. If it gets wet or dirty wipe it off at once.

If veridigris or light corrosion forms on cartridges, it should

be wiped off. However, cartridges should not be polished

to make them look better or brighter.
d. The use of oil or grease on cartridges is dangerous and

is prohibited.

e. Do not fire dented cartridges, cartridges with loose bullets,

or otherwise defective rounds

M1911 Manual - Page 23
M1911 Manual - Page 23

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