Best Places to Buy 45 ACP Ammo

45 ACP Ammo

The .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) may be the most iconic American cartridge on the books. It was created for the U.S. Armed Forces by John Moses Browning more than 100 years ago and remains a top choice for military and law enforcement personnel. Civilians also give the .45 high marks when it comes to sport shooting and self-defense. Competition and backyard shooters praise the .45 for mild recoil and accuracy.

Law enforcement agencies continue to use the .45 ACP cartridge for its ability to stop dangerous antagonists. Agencies include the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT. Although the U.S. military replaced the .45 ACP with the 9mm in 1985, Delta Force and Operators of Marine Expeditionary Units under the United States Special Ops Command have the option to use the .45 in their pistols.

When it comes to self-defense the .45 Auto penetrates deep and creates a significant wound capable of damaging the circulatory system, central nervous system, and critical organs.

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Best Places to Buy .45 ACP Ammo

Top Pick: Our#1 choice for buying .45 ACP online goes to AmmunitionToGo.com.

When it comes to their site, nobody beats them for the wide array of calibers and options they have in-stock for sale with pretty fast shipping.

The shop got their start in Brenham, Texas back in the 1990’s and they have been serving shooters for decades since then. Go ahead and read the reviews online, you’ll see we’re not alone in having high praise for them. The company also has an awesome resource with ballistic gelatin testing to help you determine good 45 Auto loads for self-defense.

It also offers customers the opportunity to educate themselves and to interact with other enthusiasts, new and old. As well as great weekly ammo deals and discounts.

Some other options:

  1. Ammo Man – This e-commerce site passes along savings to its customers through low prices, deals, and selection.  Ammo Man has an extensive catalog of items, featuring ammo for handguns. The site offers free shipping on orders over $99.
  2. Ammunition Depot – Ammunition Depot also supports Second Amendment rights. The family-owned company stocks a wide assortment of ammunition, magazines, cases, and related gear. They are known for taking pride in offering high quality product backed by outstanding customer service.
  3. Brownells – Brownells is one of the larger companies on our list. The Iowa-based site has been in the business for decades. It is a well-known company often referred to as a go-to place for anything related to firearms.
  4. Buds Gun Shop – Listed as a reliable, top site by customers. Offers wide selection of ammunition and exceptional service. Although it’s not the biggest company on our list it is well respected and popular. They routinely offer specials and discounts as well as free shipping on select items.
  5. Bulk Ammo – If you want to order large quantities of ammo, Bulk Ammo is the place to go. Buying large quantities means getting the best ammo prices, even on hard to find items. Unlike some sites, its sales fliers offer dozens of products.
  6. Cheaper than Dirt – Although they sell other products, they also sell a lot of ammunition. Customers can order by the box or in bulk, making prices cheaper than dirt. 
  7. Lucky Gunner – Lucky Gunner always seems to rank at the top of the charts for best place to buy ammo online. In addition to low prices and a live inventory count, Lucky Gunner is appreciated for its shipping cost estimator and friendly service.
  8. Outdoor Limited – This North Carolina store guarantees no back orders and fast shipping. It consistently receives first-rate reviews from customers, especially regarding its prompt and friendly customer service.
  9. Widener’s – This is a Tennessee based retailer that has been around for about as long as gunpowder as well. Widener’s has a good selection of bulk ammunition and is also an awesome provider of 45 ACP reloading components, like casings and bullets.
  10. Sportsmans Guide – SG has been around for a long time and has developed a strong following. Customers rave about their service and low prices on top ammunition brands.


There are some downsides to buying ammunition online. Most involve knowing what the site has in stock and estimated shipping times.

The most important thing to consider before you buy ammo online is educating yourself about local, state and federal laws. There are certain areas where websites are forbidden to tread. California, New York and Illinois have different regulations per major city. Most states have restrictions on shipping ammunition for automatic weapons. International shipping is strictly forbidden. Not knowing restrictions and laws surrounding the shipment of ammunition can lead to lost orders, non-refundable charges or worse.

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