Adidas GSG-9 Tactical Boots

Tony “TRB” Phillips

Commisioned by, and named for, the German GSG-9 anti-terrorist group, the Adidas- made GSG-9 Tactical boot can be assumed to be some of the finest footwear in the world.

I think that assumption is 100% valid.

I ordered my GSG-9s from Botach Tactical. You can find them on the web at http://www.botachtactical.com. Unfortunately for the bigfoots out there, the largest size available is 14. My large foot is right on the edge. My size 14s arrived in doubled cardboard boxes, one a shipping box, the other an unassuming Adidas athletic shoebox like the ones you can find at your local Foot Locker. Initially, I was unimpressed at their appearance. They are, appropriately, all black, with a minimal effort at styling. They aren’t totally plain and smooth, though. The toe has a wrap around of slightly fuzzy material, and the sides are trimmed with extra layers of leather, forming a diagonal pattern of stripes. The soles are hard rubber, as is the point of the toe. The pattern of the soles is like rubber cleats. The sides are constructed of soft, supple black leather. Laces are a very secure flat design. The interior of the boot is leather, of course, with a padded support for your foot on the bottom.

I wore them for a week to break them in. In the beginning, they were tight, and some- what unforgiving. However, eventually the newness wore off, and they settled in to become very comfortable. This is a highly notable feature. This is not only the most comfortable pair of boots, of any kind, I’ve worn, they are also the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn, of any type, period. They have excellent arch and ankle support, are highly breathable, and are water resistant.

Tactically, they are also excellent. The aforementioned cleat-like sole offers excellent traction on all terrain, and footsteps at anything less than an out-and-out run are virtually silent. The combination of traction and ankle support makes them a very stable platform to shoot from. While the toe isn’t steel, the hard rubber of the toe extends high enough to give protection to the toes in a soccer-style kick.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the GSG-9 boot not just to the tactically-oriented, but to anyone looking for a high-quality, very supportive athletic shoe. It carries a high price tag (about $200), but then, I’ve paid almost that much for much lower quality footwear. You get what you pay for, and in my opinion, with the GSG-9s you get that and more.

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