M1911 Manual – Page 14

AUTOMATIC PISTOL, CAL..45, M1911 AND M1911A1 connector in its hole in the receiver with the fiat face of the lower part of the disconnector resting against the yoke of the trigger. Then place the sear, lugs downward, so that
it straddles the disconnector. The sear pin is then inserted

in place so that it passes through both the disconnector and

the sear.

c. The sear, disconnector, and hammer being in place

and the hammer down, to replace the sear spring, locate

its lower end in the cut in the receiver with the end of the

long leaf resting on the sear; then insert the mainspring

housing until its lower end projects below the frame about

one-elghth inch, replace the grip safety, cock the hammer,

and replace the safety lock; then lower the cocked hammer,

push the mainspring housing home, and insert the main=

spring housing pin.

d. In assembling the safety lock to the receiver use the

tip of the magazine follower or the screw driver to press

the safety lock plunger home, thus allowing the seating of

the safety lock. It should be remembered that when as-

sembling the safety lock the hammer must be cocked.

e. When replacing the slide and barrel on the receiver

care must be taken that the barrel llnk is tilted forward as

far as possible and that the barrel link pin is in place.



• 5. GENERAL.—a. Careful, conscientious work is required to

keep automatic pistols in a condition that will insure perfect

functioning of the mechanism and continued accuracy of

the barrel. It is essential that the entire mechanism is

kept cleaned and oiled to avoid jams.

b. The mechanism also requires care to prevent rust or

an accumulation of sand or dirt in the interior. Pistols are

easily disassembled for cleaning and oiling.

6. CARE AND CLEANING.—-a. Care and cleaning of the pistol

include the ordinary case of the pistol to preserve its condi-

tion and appearance in garrisons, posts, and camps, and in


M1911 Manual - Page 14
M1911 Manual - Page 14

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