M1911 Manual – Page 16

CAUTION.-After firing do not oil the bore before cleaning.

c. Saturate a clean flannel patch with sperm off and swab the bore and chamber with the patch, making certain that the bore and all metal parts of the pistol are covered with a thin coat of o11. • 8. RULES FOR CARE OF PISTOL ON THE RANGE.–a. Always clean at the end of each day’s shooting. A pistol that has been fired should not be left over night without cleaning. b. Never fire a pistol with any dust, dirt, mud, or snow in the bore. c. Before loading the pistol make sure that no patch, rag, or other object has been left in the barrel. d. During range firing a noncommissioned officer will be placed in charge of the cleaning of pistols in the cleaning racks. • 9. Care During COLD WEATHER.-Use oil sparingly on the working parts. • 10. Care During Gas Attacks .-a. Pistols should be cleaned as soon as possible after a gas attack. b. Oil will prevent corrosion for about 12 hours. c. Clean all parts In boiling water containing a little soda, If available. d. All traces of gas must be removed from ammunition with a slightly oiled rag; then thoroughly dry the ammunition. e. Rust-preventive compound resists gas corrosion more than light oil. In many exposures, especially those of long duration, ammunition treated with sperm oil evidences more severe corrosion than unprotected cartridges. • 11. IMPORTANT POINTS TO BE OBSERVED.—a. After firing the pistol, never leave it uncleaned over night. The damage done is then irreparable. b. Keep the pistol clean and lightly lubricated, but do not let It become gummy with oil. c. Do not place the pistol on the ground where sand or dirt may enter the bore or mechanism. d. Do not plug the muzzle of the pistol with a patch or plug. One may forget to remove it before firing, in which case the discharge may bulge or burst the barrel at the muzzle. e. A pistol kept in a leather holster may rust due to mois-

M1911 Manual - Page 16
M1911 Manual - Page 16

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