Wilson Combat Armor-Tuff Finish and the KelTec

From: Charles Riggs

Some of you are aware that I have a KelTec with the original blued finish (found the papers on the gun the other day and I’ve had it since spring ’96!). Due to almost constant daily carry, either in waistband or pocket, it had acquired a “patina”, shall we say, of refined oxidation.

I spoke with Ryan Wilson of Wilson Combat and at the Nationals gave the gun to him to have them apply their “Armor- Tuff” finish to the gun, with the intention to then subject it to the daily routine and to see how it held up. I’d seen some guns done in this finish before and was impressed with its appearance.

When I got it back Ryan had done the slide, barrel and metal parts in a nice mix of contrasting dark green and black colors, quite handsome for an ugly little gun (which I love, don’t get me wrong! Yesterday we were making head shots with it at 10 yards on demand.)

We’ve had it out and put over a hundred rounds through it so far with nary a bobble or indication that the finish impacted the function of the gun in any way. The only place showing any wear is on the barrel hood. Otherwise the finish seems really to BE tough, not as soft as some other finishes, such as Black-T, that I’ve tried in the past.

Testing continues! I’m going to recruit as many local shooters as possible to help us try to wear the finish and the gun down. We’ll let you know how it goes. We have about a thousand through it now, and have had no problems with it since round #125. Very satisfactory little gun. Nothing in it has been altered from stock, still has the polymer guide rod and the 10-pound trigger spring which has lightened somewhat with use.

The original sights are going to need replacing, the plastic is soft and the edges have rounded off the rear sight. Sight picture is still good enough to make torso shots from 25 yards, head shots from 7-10 yards- watch six – Charles.

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