Mil-Comm Testimonials

Mil-Comm MC25 Lubricant Photo
Mil-Comm MC25 Lubricant Photo

“Our preference of TW-25B can be best illustrated by our experience with the M134 mini-gun. We had a call from the U.S. Military in Kuwait, where the customer thought they needed to keep their weapons dry while they operated in the sand. We e-mailed them photos of one of our weapons treated with TW-25B. These photos were taken a day after 49,000 rounds were fired through our mini-gun in the filth of the desert. The gun looked like it was full of mud, but the TW-25B kept the dirt in suspension and the gun performed flawlessly. During the entire 49,000 rounds, all we did was add lube every 20,000 rounds. TW-25B is the only lubrication we use on the M134 mini- gun, which is a weapon that requires serious lubrication. As a result of that demonstrated success in our harsh desert environment, we now use TW-25B on all of our M240s, M249s, M16s, M1911s and virtually every weapon.”

– Mike Dillon, Dillon Aero/Dillon Precision Products

“I have personally used Mil-Comm’s products for over 10 years for my personal use and am totally satisfied. We not only provide TW-25B to students, but we recommend it for their use on handguns and carbines in class because it helps them operate better. Gunsite looks for excellence in everything we do, and Mil-Comm’s product line exceeds our high expectations in what we require the students to do with their weapons .”

– Col. Bob Young (U.S.M.C., Retired),VP of Operations, Gunsite Academy

“TW-25B is the best thing since sliced bread. I put it on a few guns, and holy Sh#%!”

– Hans Vang, Vang Comp Systems

“There are similar sounding products on the market, but this is the good stuff.”

– Soldier Of Fortune, Adventure Quartermaster, February 1997

“The test results prove that TW-25B made a difference, first curing a short-stroking problem, then improving shooting performance. Two out of three types of ammunition developed higher velocities after treating the bore with TW-25B. All types of ammunition had less ‘spread,’ (the difference between highest and lowest velocities recorded), after treatment, evidence of more consistent performance.”

– Tony Lesce, The Police Marksman, 1995

“Not new is Mil-Comm Product’s TW-25B, which is a lubricant used by the U.S. Military. Plenty of Gis who are going to the Middle East, will go with a tube of TW- 25B. So, what’s so great about it? Try it and see. I did.”

– Gary Paul Johnston, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, February 2002

“MC-25 (cleaner) is easy to use, effective and safe. There were no noxious fumes, which makes it especially valuable for indoor use … the lack of powerful petroleum- based solvents greatly lessens the likelihood of skin irritation.”

– Tony Lesce, The Police Marksman, March/April 2002

“We just trained a couple of S.F. “A-teams” who will be going into harms way. The first thing we did on both pistol and carbine day was to give a maintenance class and completely clean the weapons with Simple Green (something I picked up from the American Gunsmithing Institute) and applying a light coat of MIL-COMM TW25-B grease, then wiping off the white “carrier” just like the instructions state.

We shot well in excess of 30,000 rounds in 4 days and had next to no malfunctions that were not caused by operator error out of the Beretta M-9s and some brand new M4a1s. Interestingly enough we had 4 SOPMOD kits (with M-4a1s) that just came back with some operators from Afghanistan. When we shot those at lunch (these had not been through the maintenance class) they all 4 malfunctioned several times!”

– Jim Higginbotham, firearms trainer

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