Kimber Custom Carry

Kimber Pro Carry
Kimber Pro Carry

Bob Radulski

I picked up a Kimber Custom Carry, 4″ barrel, a while back and it is now my favorite carry gun. Used, it cost me about $450. It’s a little heavy, BUT it’s steady on target, fast for the second shot, and has never had a single malfunction. I carry it cocked and locked in an IWB holster behind my right hip. Easy to draw standing, sitting, or driving. Most of the time I forget it’s there, but occasionally there’s a little nudge to remind me it’s there. As a sage once remarked, “It’s supposed to be comforting, not comfortable.”

My other former carry guns include a Glock. For backup when I anticipate the possibility of a serious social situation, I use a Taurus 85UL in .38 Special, another fine weapon which actually fits very nicely in my shirt pocket in a little holster I had made for it.

If you get a holster that has a leather shield between the butt and your back, you’ll never know you’re wearing it.

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