M1911 Manual – Page 34

AUTOMATIC PISTOL, CAL..45, M1911 AND M1911A1 (8) In peacetime training and in war, when time is avail- able for a complete course of instruction and practice, the blank form shown in paragraph 460 (which should be ex- plained in the first talk) must be kept by each squad leader and by each platoon leader independently. This blank form shows at a glance Just how much each man knows about each feature of training and permits concentration of instruction where most needed. (9) Interest and enthusiasm must be sustained and every- thing possible should be done to stimulate them. If the exercises are carried out in a manner approximately correct and as a routine piece of work, results will be very disappointing. (10) It is of utmost importance that the trigger squeeze be explained in such a manner as to give the soldier a clear understanding of how it should be executed. (11) All authorities on shooting agree that the trigger must be squeezed with a steady increase of pressure. If a man knows when his pistol will go off it is because he sud- denly gives the trigger all the pressure necessary. Con- versely, if the increase of pressure is steady the man cannot know when the piston will be discharged. Hence, he is instructed to squeeze the trigger in such a wag as not to know just when the hammer will fall. This does not mean that the process is necessarily a slow one and that it will take a comparatively long time to fire a shot. Through training, a man can reduce the time used in pressing the trigger to as brief a period as 1 second and still press it in such a manner that he does not know just what part of the second the discharge will take place. When the soldier has ac- quired the ability to squeeze the trigger properly, even though it be very slowly, he soon learns to shorten the time without changing the process. (12) Whenever a man is in a firing position, whether it be a preparatory instruction or during practice firing, he must have a coach beside him to watch him and point out his errors. (13) None of the preparatory exercises are executed by command or in unison by a group of men. Instruction is individual at all times. The men are placed in pairs and


M1911 Manual - Page 34
M1911 Manual - Page 34

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