Para-Ordnance C7.45 LDA Stainless Issue Update

Para-Ordnance C7.45 LDA Stainless
Para-Ordnance C7.45 LDA Stainless

By Jason

I Purchased a Para-Ordnance C7.45SS LDA Para Companion back in August of last year. I was excited about shooting it. The day after my purchase I went to the range. If I had an axe I probably would have used it. This gun was having all kinds of problems. Stove piping, failure to eject spent rounds, slide would not stay open on last round fired if you could get to the last round! I figured it just needed to be broken in. Well, after 1100 rounds… So, I said screw this. The next day I called Para to complain. I’ve got to tell you after talking with them and calming down they were really nice. So, off the gun went to get repaired. To my shock I got it back in 2 days! I sent it overnight. What a turn around time.

Here’s what I know and here’s what they did. First Para-Ordnance recommends that for the lube you use Tetra Grease. I had to use it because I wanted to adhere to what the manufacture recommended. You know, I did not want any figure pointing! Wrong…That crap caused more problems than good. I now only use Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil! All I can say is it never misses a beat. Yeah, she gets dirty after a real heavy fire but perfection! So, anyway, Para replaced the extractor and tuned the new one, polished the throat and adjusted the slide stop.

I got the pistol back and decided, OK, time to change a few things. So, I ordered a set of 5% extra power mag springs from Wolff Gun Springs. I am using Chip McCormick mags. Then I got my Dremel out and got every stinking burr I could find and cleaned up all the rough edges. I polished the ejection port, breach, just about everything I could where the bullet makes contact. I also polished the extractor and the upper part of the magazine well contour part for ultra smooth insertion. In addition to what Para did, I installed a new barrel bushing, guide rod, spring and slide stop. I was not too happy with their looks. All were purchased from Para pro shop. The gun is 99.9% stock less the springs for the Chip McCormick mags. Para uses the Shooting Star mag which, as you know, is the same as Chip McCormick mags.

All along I have been shooting either S&B ammo or Winchester win clean ammo 230, but I was always having some sort of issue.

Now I can report that with what Para did and what I did, and changing to the Mobil 1 lube – oh, and by the way, Todd Jarrett who is the guru shooter for Para personally told me that he uses Mobil 1 in his gun! – and after a brutal session at the range 300 Rounds of Winchester win clean and S&B ammo, about a 50/50 mix , I only had 1 failure to eject a round. It was around the 120 mark. Turned out to be a lump of crap where the bullet sits in the barrel. I simply ran a dry nylon brush down the barrel to remove dirt. I never broke the weapon down to clean it! I reloaded and kept shooting. Again around that 120 mark I cleaned with dry nylon brush. This test was make or break. I said, “If it does not fire reliably, then I’m selling it on the spot!”

To my utter joy, the gun works flawlessly. Now I can say I really enjoy the LDA trigger. I have over 1600 rounds fired. Of that with all of the new improvement and parts, I have enjoyed 500 rounds of trouble-free firing.

I’m not an expert in any way but I really think that the initial parts from Para were junk. The new parts that I PAID EXTRA for were – how to say – cosmetically better looking and made a much tighter fit. There should be no stupid burrs. The worst original part was the guide rod spring which, when out of the gun, could make a right hand turn on its own! After my home polishing and burr cleaning job, and changing lube and mag springs, I think this is a fine weapon. I think in my case Para probably makes a great gun out the box; I just got one a wee left of center. But I really can’t complain too much.

That’s my story hope it helps someone else!

Para-Ordnance C7.45 LDA Stainless Specs
The C7.45 LDA combines the proven authoritative power of the .45 ACP cartridge, the 7+1 capacity of a full-size single-stack pistol and the "Light Double Action" trigger system. Barrel length is 3.5 inches. The Para Companion is crafted of weather-cheating stainless steel with double-diamond checkered cocobolo stocks.

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