Kalashnikov Rifles

AK-Net – Discussion Forum

AK-47 World

AK-47/SKS 7.62x39mm Cartridge Wound Ballistics

AK-47 From Wikipedia

AKS-74U – Home of the Krinkov

Assault Web – Discussion forum for battle rifles including AK-47

Bob Tuley’s Kalashnikov Page

Choosing The Right Magazine For Your Kalashnikov

Gun Manuals – Bunches and bunches of gun manuals in PDF format

The Kalashnikov Site

Kalashnikov AK-47 and AKM assault rifles (USSR)

Kalashnikov Home Page – AK Site. Kalashnikov Arms Catalog. From AK-47 to AK-100

Military Weapons and Accessories -Sighting in your AK

Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles

Red Star Arms – Interesting Add-On and Replacement parts for AK’s and other guns.

Valery Shilin’s Gun Club – Excellent info on AK’s and Kalashnikov family of rifles

AR-15/M-16 Rifles – AR-15 resources and discussion forum Ammo FAQ

The First Annual Black Rifle Convention – 3-day get-together of the folks

Welcome to ArmaLite, Inc. — A History of Innovation – The developers of the AR-15

Bushmaster Firearms – Many folks feel that they’re building the best AR these days

Fulton Armory – AR-15 Stuff, Garand Stuff, and More! – Fulton Armory specializes exclusively in the AR-15, M14/M1A, M1 Garand & M1 Carbine. It’s all we do! We offer world class rifles, services, parts, accessories, tools, gauges, books, everything you need.

SKS Rifles

SKS, AK 47, MAK 90, Cobray and Intertec Parts and Accessories. – Politically Incorrect ‘Legal’ Shooting Supplies – Hard to find parts and accessories for your SKS, AK47, Cobray and Intertec weapons.

SKS Disassembly – Disassembly and cleaning of the SKS 7.62 x 39 rifle. We have a series of detailed pictures of each step of the operation, notes and cautions.

Survivor’s SKS – Lots of good pictures of project guns, information and historical articles.

WWW.SIMONOV.NET – Probably the most complete SKS resource page on the web.

Survivor’s SKS Boards – Issues Concerning the SKS family of rifles and other military rifles

Ruger 10/22 Rifles

The Sight Ruger 10/20 – My Ruger 10/22 site

Craig’s Ruger 10-22 Page

Extractor Tuning

Guns Magazine RUGER 10-22 From Factory To Fantasy.

Gunstocks, rifle stocks, stockmaking, glass & pillar bedding.

Hillmans Custom Works

Michaels of Oregon

Phril’s Bitchin’ 10-22 Project!

Power Custom

Richards Microfit Gunstocks Main Page

Rimfire Sports & Custom

Ruger 10-22 Accessories

Ruger 10-22 Home

Ruger 10-22 Gattling Gun

Ruger’s Autoloading Rifles And Pistols – Page One

Volquartsen Online

Other Rifle

AR15 M16 SKS AK47 Accessory Directory – High performance parts and accessories for rifles

ArmaLite, Inc. Technical Manuals and Books

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Culver’s Shooting Page – Good Service Rifle – This page offers discussion forums for collectors and shooters of service rifles and pistols, plus articles pertaining to the details of collecting and shooting of each rifle and or pistol.

Dave’s Swedish Mauser Page – On this site you will find some information found elsewhere on the web and in publications, along with my own observations, which may tend at times to contradict various sources.

Derby City FALs Owners’ Association – Our mission is to preserve an important segment of history – FN FAL Rifles – through research, establishment of collecting standards, education, community outreach, and fellowship and to promote the growth and enjoyment of the hobby.

Gun Manuals – Bunches and bunches of gun manuals in PDF format

Gunny Hathcock – White Feather, the one and only.

The Gun Zone – Dean Speir’s site loaded with articles and links on firearms

House of Karlina – 1894 & 1896 Swedish Mausers

The Illinois Firearm Resource – Rifles & Sniper Weapons – Excellent info on your favorite rifles

Sniper Country – My favorite site for long range precision rifle

M14 7.62mm Rifle – M24 7.62mm Sniper Rifle

The M1 Garand Rifle – An American Companion In Three Wars

Military Curio and Relics: A Weapons Gallery – Military weapons are tangible pieces of history. This Website is dedicated to their study, care and preservation. The following pages include firearms from around the world, encompassing the Black Powder era through World War Two, and beyond.

The Page – M.L. Greene Manufacturer of Gun Stocks, Components and Gun Stock Duplicating Machines. Good info on fitting and finishing rifle and pistol stocks. – Collecting and shooting the surplus rifle.


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