Antique and Classic Gun Restoration – Does your old warhorse need a facelift? ACGR is Sight recommended

Biggerhammer’s Miscellaneous Firearms Technical and Training Manuals

Cornered Cat – Well written site which addresses armed self defense from a woman’s point of view

Culver’s Shooting Page – Lots of good stuff here including articles and discussion forums. Emphasis on military weapons, but not exclusively.

Davidson’s Gallery of Guns – Explore over a 1000 different firearm models from their affiliate manufacturers with great color pictures, detailed specifications, suggested retail pricing and availability.

Dillon Precision – The Best Reloaders

Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol – This one really is an online encyclopedia of precision pistol shooting.

Frugal Squirrel’s Survival Site – Like no other, home of the Survivalist Library

Firearms Forum – Friendly web-based message board with groups for M1911, .22, Tactical, Military, Edged Weapons, Black Powder, Competition and more.

Firearms Tactical – Lots of handgun combat info–ballistics, the Miami FBI Shootout, ammo specs, and more

Firing Line – Online discussion forums for firearms enthusiasts.

Gabe Suarez International – Gabe is one of the premier trainers and authors in the fields of tactical operations and self defense. – Honest, most down-to-earth Webzine for firearm aficionados. Lots of gun and equipment reviews

GunHoo Gun Pages Central – A superbly organized index of firearms-related links. Fully searchable.

GunZone – Dean Speir’s Site. The Gun Zone is a resource of authoritative firearms-related information for the internet-enabled gunperson as well as journalists seeking to authenticate elements of their stories and avoid “stupid gun mistakes.”

International Defensive Pistol Association – My favorite competitive action gun club, stresses realistic self defense scenarios.

Hi-Powers and Handguns – Stephen A. Camp’s excellent treasure trove useful handgun articles

Jim Scoutten’s Guns & Cars – Everyone’s favorite gun show host, Jim Scoutten, host of American Shooter, posts this site devoted to his two favorite things, guns and cars.

Kel-Tec Owner’s Group – Site for all things Kel-Tec and host for the Kel-Tec users listserv

Kentucky IDPA Home Page – Match info and scores for Kentucky IDPA

Knob Creek Gun Range – Home of the famous Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot – The best source for all things Makarov

M.D. Smith’s Reloading Pages – A mousegun is a small pocket-size gun, lightweight, easy to conceal, and used only as a last resort to save your own life, or the lives of others

National Bullet Company – Good bullets at good prices

National Rifle Association – Defending our rights as gun owners

Real Guns – Excellent website by Joe D’Alessandro. Lots of articles, commentary and reviews.

Reload Bench – Resources on reloading. Filled with data and info on every aspect of reloading for pistol and rifle cartridges, Reloading Bulletin Board, online conversion calculators, reload guide, glossary and info on over 60 different powders.

Rich’s Firearms Page – A wealth of info for the firearms enthusiast

Rich’s Firearms Page Gun Chat – Web-based gun chat

Shotgun News – The Marketplace for gun stuff

The Snubnose Files – My little homage to the bellygun

Spwenger’s Defensive Use of Firearms – Steven P. Wenger’s site devoted to defensive use of firearms, contains some very good practical information on shooting techniques, guns, ammo, etc.

Texas Rangers Hall of Fame Museum

United States Practical Shooting Association – The Race Guns Guys

Winchester Ammunition

Yahoo Groups – Host to the 1911 TechTalk list hosted by Geoff Beneze and the IDPA List. Go to Yahoo Groups and use the search to find the discussion lists you want and follow the subscription instructions.

You Might Be a Gun Nut… – Funny. The thread from rec.guns


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