Antique and Classic Gun Restoration – Does your old warhorse need a facelift? ACGR is Sight recommended

Biggerhammer’s Detonics Page – Lots of good photos and technical information on the Detonics pistols

Blind Hog Gunsmithing – A self-taught “shade-tree machinist” with lots of how-to on 1911’s – Step-by-step instructions to field strip and clean your M1911 pistol

Burns Custom – Custom gun builder, 9×23 specialist, and host of

Chuck Taylor’s “Is There a Best Pistol?” – A head to head comparison in tactical shooting exercises of a Smith & Wesson M-39 9mm (DA), Browning P-35 9mm (SA), Colt Government Model .45 ACP (SA), Glock M-22 .40 (“semi” – DA) and a Colt lightweight Commander .45 ACP (SA). Interesting reading.

Clark Custom – The famous Clark Meltdown and other high quality custom 1911 work

Colt Firearms – Colt’s online catalog and corporate site

Cylinder and Slide – Custom Gunsmiths specializing in 1911 and Browning Hi-Power

Ed Brown – Ed Brown’s site

Fr. Frog’s Home Page – Jeff Cooper, Ballistics, St. Gabriel Possenti…great page

Guncrafter Industries – Home of Vic Tibbets and the .50 GI 1911

Jeff Cooper’s Archives – The guru of gurus shares his pearls of wisdom with the universe.

John Moses Browing – Bio of J. M. Browning on John Caradimas’ M1911 Home Page

Kimber – “Factory Custom” 1911’s.. Well, I love mine

Kimber Series II Detailed Disassembly and Assembly

Les Baer Custom

Les Bengtson – Gunsmith, instructor, and police armourer. Lots of informative articles on pistolsmithing on this site.

MarStar’s M1911 Assembly/Disasembly Instruction – Directions and photos for how to detail strip a 1911-pattern pistol

M-1911 Home Page – John Caradimas’ excellent 1911 resource

Model – Oliver de Gravelle’s site on WWII production 1911A1’s. This site is a must see for collectors of the 1911A1. It features an extensive collection of pictures and production history of the guns built during WWII by Colt, Remington, Ithaca, and Union Switch.

Nowlin Guns – Precision, Match Accurate, and Custom 1911 Pistols. Competition quality 1911 Auto Parts and Accessories. – Dan Burns’ Discussion forum. Many of the best M1911 mechanics currently working hang out here.

Poppert’s Obsolete Gun Parts – Dealers and buyers of old gun parts.

Roderus Custom – Frank Roderus’ site which includes his excellent series of articles which detail his customization of two Argentine Sistema pistols.

Shuemann’s Barrels – High quality custom pistol barrels plus some excellent information on pistol timing and other technical issues

Springfield Armory – In my opinion, the best 1911 bang for the buck

STI International – Great race guns

Test Expansion Characteristics and Velocities of Several .45 ACP Commercial Cartridges – This is a very thorough test of .45 ACP ammunition by Gunsite instructor and gunsmith Les Bengtson

The Sight’s M1911-A1 Bookstore – My shamelessly capitalistic effort to educate my fellow 1911 pistoleros and recoup some of the expense of maintaining the web site. Buy through my links and you’ll help me out a bit.

The 1911 Forum – Web-based discussion groups on 1911 topics.

Tommy Gun Auto-Ordnance – Home site for Thompson submachine guns and Auto-Ordnance M1911A1 pistols. This is a well designed site with an excellent gallery of historical photos.

Ty Moore’s Cool Gun Site – Ty is a collector and expert on the old M1911 and M1911A1 pistols. This site has oodles of close-up shots of the different pistols and their components, plus lots of identification information for pistols and their components.

Vanden Berg Custom – Vanden Berg Custom firearms are presently in service with SWAT, narcotics, and law enforcement officers throughout the United States. Vanden Berg Custom competition firearms are the choice of numerous USPSA Master and Grand Master competitors.

Wilson Combat – Excellent 1911-pattern pistols, parts, accesories and gunsmithing

.45 ACP Cartridge Performace – Firearms Tactical’s FBI ballistic test results


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