By Jeff Chan (with some additions from Syd)

NSSF Press Release:

NSSF Ballistic Imaging Fact Sheet:

NSSF copy of California State report on Ballistic Fingerprinting:

NSSF copy of H.R. 3491:

Lockyer covering up doj report condemning ballistic imaging
DOJ experts gagged by CA attorney general

California DOJ Follow-Up Report On Ballistic “Fingerprinting” Confirms Technology Not Feasible slideshow, clearly explains problems:

Beltway Killer Media Response Kit
Firearms Training

How Reliable Is Ballistic Fingerprinting?,2933,66007,00.html

Exploiting Mass Murder By Dr. Michael S. Brown

The weaknesses of ballistic fingerprinting

A tough call on gun ‘fingerprinting’,1299,DRMN_38_1491884,00.html

If ballistic fingerprinting worked…
D.C.-Area Police Know Caliber of Sniper’s Bullets, but Gun Remains a Mystery

The Hardyville Study on the Effectiveness of Ballistic Fingerprinting

Not So Fast. Ballistic fingerprinting.
National Review Online. Oct. 23, 2002.
Dave Kopel with Paul H. Blackman.

Does The United States Need A National Database For Ballistic Fingerprints?
By Stephen P. Halbrook
Technically, the proposal just isn’t feasible as a crime-fighting tool.

As we know, it’s easy to change a firearm so that its so-called “ballistic fingerprint” no longer matches: change the barrel, firing pin, extractor or bolt, file or sand, etc. So the only real use of so-called “ballistic fingerprinting” is for a national gun registration database. Such databases almost always lead to confiscation. It would not even help solve many crimes. Don’t grant them that advantage since it’s based on the false premise that these identification methods are perfect and permanent. They are neither.

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